CosiDor from The Track House

by Alex Lilley

This is our patented and rather stylish CosiDor portiere rail, which we are extremely proud of indeed. It was invented and patented by The Track House team here in South Warwickshire, and is manufactured in the UK.

Of course, there are a great many door curtain rails, or door portiere rails out there on the market, but CosiDor is a little different to all the rest. One of the big issues with door fitted curtains is how to approach the challenge of ‘excluding the draughts without the curtain material dragging on the floor and snagging each time the door is opened and closed’. That issue is fully addressed by CosiDor, as the curtain is automatically raised and lowered as the door is opened and closed. This action ensures that draughts are kept out but the curtain doesn’t drag and get dirty and worn along the bottom edge. “Very clever” I hear you cry, and you would be absolutely right!

But, “what happens if my door is recessed?”, you might ask. Well, our clever designers have thought long and hard about that challenge too. Basically, CosiDor can be adjusted and set to rise at whatever point you wish, so it is extremely easy to accomodate the deepest of recessed doors and still retain all of the benefits of this fabulous product. Take a look at the video on the CosiDor page on the Track House website and you will see it all in action.

CosiDor is very easy to fit if you know how to use a drill, a screwdriver and a spirit level, but we do provide detailed instructions and will fit it for you if you prefer.

This is a high quality and extremely robust product, and CosiDor will handle a heavyweight, fully lined curtain with ease.

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