Our Pre-Loved Curtains

by Alex Lilley

The Track House has a sister company called The Curtain Emporium that specialises in the trading and exchange of second-hand, or pre-loved curtains.

The Curtain Emporium showroom is housed in the same building as The Track House, here in lovely Blackwell, South Warwickshire, and is open to the public 6 days per week.

Curtains come in to the Curtain Emporium for a variety of different reasons – people moving house who have recently purchased new curtains and find that their much loved curtains do not fit their new windows, for instance. Some people buy fully equipped show homes but only wish to keep a few pairs of curtains as they aren’t to their taste, whilst other people change their curtains every so often as a matter of course!

We try to avoid using the term ‘used curtains’ at the Curtain Emporium, preferring to see them as pre-loved and ‘ready for love’ in a new home!

So, next time you’re thinking about changing your curtains why not think about the Curtain Emporium and a visit to our showroom, or a quick look at the selection of curtains and accessories we have online. We’re always happy to see you or to have a chat on the phone!


01608 682001


Opening Times :

If you would like to visit our Showroom then we are open the following hours :-


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